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26 Signs That Show The Beauty Of Australia

From dick liquors to swooping kookaburras, we've got it all.

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1. This sign that is both a cute pun, and also a terrifying prospect.

2. This chilled out oval.

3. And this sign which should PROBABLY BE PRINTED ON BOTH SIDES?!?

4. This amazing sign of the times.



5. This post-flood cry for help.

6. This final warning.

7. And this sign of the apocalypse.

8. This hot bargain.


9. And this delicacy.

10. This perfect graffiti work.

11. And this population breakdown.

12. This sign that should be a horror movie poster.

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13. This cheeky crossing.

15. This filthy bottle shop.

16. And this naughty road safety sign.


17. This rude roll sign.

18. This pup that DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK about Sydney Harbour Foreshore's authority.

19. This saucy hotel offer.

20. This accurate wildlife chart.


21. This sincere warning.

22. This terrifying reminder that sharks aren't your only worry in the ocean.

23. This helpful reminder from firefighters.

25. This sign which I need to remember when I'm on an Instagram stalking spree.

26. And this self-aware sign which just doesn't want to be touched.