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The Worst Part About Saving Gotham In "Batman: Arkham Knight"

And it ain't Parent-Teacher day

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When news broke last year that players would finally have the opportunity to drive the streets of Gotham in Batman: Arkham Knight, fans were thrilled. But a week after the game's release some players are noticing something about the game:

Too. Much. Batmobile.

I mean, sure it looks amazing

Rocksteady Games/Warner Bros

And fans were completely on-board with the addition to the game

Rocksteady Games/Warner Bros

But one thing has became abundantly clear: this is not just a 'feature' of gameplay but a requirement

So, we need to talk about the Batmobile. #ArkhamKnight #Ugh

So #ArkhamKnight is nothing short of amazing. But holy crap do I hate any mission that forces me to use the #Batmobile

@CaseyMalone @grmartin I have been playing for 20 minutes and I can say with complete confidence that the batmobile is garbage and I hate it

Simply put:

Who would have thought you could miss gliding across an entire map to get to a mission?

I am terrible, absolutely terrible, at driving the Batmobile. I hate that I'm forced to use it so much. Glide life!!! #ArkhamKnight

Not only can the roads be difficult to navigate, but handling the vehicle can be convoluted

I HATE the Batmobile. It controls like a wet fart through a needlehole. "Come into le sewer Batman! Explode your crap car on tetris blocks."

"Riddle me this: what smells like whiskey and resentment?"

Even more than the Riddler, I hate the Batmobile chase sequences. That thing handles like a drunk baby's bad dream.

Deliciously frustrating

God damn the Batmobile handles like a 3am kebab. #ArkhamKnight

And while it may not be all doom and gloom for the Dark Knight Rider

Gosh I love using the Batmobile!!! 🙉

All I've seen is bad things about the batmobile in Arkham Knight but I love it

One thing is for sure: 'It takes a while to learn to “be the Batman!”'

Rocksteady Games/Warner Bros
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