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The Worst Part About Saving Gotham In "Batman: Arkham Knight"

And it ain't Parent-Teacher day

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When news broke last year that players would finally have the opportunity to drive the streets of Gotham in Batman: Arkham Knight, fans were thrilled. But a week after the game's release some players are noticing something about the game:

Too. Much. Batmobile.

I mean, sure it looks amazing

Rocksteady Games/Warner Bros

And fans were completely on-board with the addition to the game

Rocksteady Games/Warner Bros

But one thing has became abundantly clear: this is not just a 'feature' of gameplay but a requirement

So, we need to talk about the Batmobile. #ArkhamKnight #Ugh

So #ArkhamKnight is nothing short of amazing. But holy crap do I hate any mission that forces me to use the #Batmobile

@CaseyMalone @grmartin I have been playing for 20 minutes and I can say with complete confidence that the batmobile is garbage and I hate it

Simply put:

Who would have thought you could miss gliding across an entire map to get to a mission?

I am terrible, absolutely terrible, at driving the Batmobile. I hate that I'm forced to use it so much. Glide life!!! #ArkhamKnight

Not only can the roads be difficult to navigate, but handling the vehicle can be convoluted

I HATE the Batmobile. It controls like a wet fart through a needlehole. "Come into le sewer Batman! Explode your crap car on tetris blocks."

"Riddle me this: what smells like whiskey and resentment?"

Even more than the Riddler, I hate the Batmobile chase sequences. That thing handles like a drunk baby's bad dream.

Deliciously frustrating

God damn the Batmobile handles like a 3am kebab. #ArkhamKnight

Maybe all we're missing is the right motivation?

"I'm doing it, I'm in 'Batman Mode'"

And while it may not be all doom and gloom for the Dark Knight Rider

Gosh I love using the Batmobile!!! 🙉

All I've seen is bad things about the batmobile in Arkham Knight but I love it

One thing is for sure: 'It takes a while to learn to “be the Batman!”'

Rocksteady Games/Warner Bros

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