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    42 Pictures That Actually Prove It's Grim Up North

    Just don't go.

    1. Going to Manchester is like taking a step back in time.

    Via Flickr: dullhunk / Creative Commons

    2. The people are really dull.

    3. They hate to make a song and dance about things.

    Adam Simmons / Via Flickr: mr-numb

    4. In fact, they just keep themselves to themselves.

    Rachel Docherty / Via Flickr: fussyonion / Creative Commons

    5. The combination of old and new architecture really doesn’t work.

    Grey World / Via Flickr: greyworld / Creative Commons

    6. At all.

    Wojtek Gurak / Via Flickr: wojtekgurak / Creative Commons

    7. And does it ever stop raining?

    Carl J Godwin / Via Flickr: carljgodwin

    8. There's nowhere to enjoy a good book.

    Michael D Beckwith / Via Flickr: 118118485@N05 / Creative Commons

    Manchester Central Library

    9. Seriously: Who'd want to read here?

    Michael D Beckwith / Via Flickr: 118118485@N05

    10. The buildings are just so grey.

    ReflectedSerendipity / Via Flickr: sjdunphy / Creative Commons

    11. And don't get me started on the graffiti.

    ReflectedSerendipity / Via Flickr: sjdunphy / Creative Commons

    12. You should never go out after dark in Manchester.

    Duncan Hull / Via Flickr: dullhunk / Creative Commons

    13. There's nowhere to go out anyway.

    Tom Blackwell / Via Flickr: tjblackwell

    14. Nowhere you'd want to dance.

    Madeleine Penfold / Via Flickr: madeleinepenfold / Creative Commons

    15. So you should just stay at home.

    Manchester City Council / Via Flickr: manchester-city-council / Creative Commons

    16. There are no green spaces nearby .

    Simon Harrod / Via Flickr: sidibousaid

    17. And there's nowhere to shop.

    Mijaeus / Via Flickr: mijaeus / Creative Commons

    18. Never go to Salford.

    University of Salford Press Office / Via Flickr: salforduniversity / Creative Commons

    19. Ever.

    Duncan Green / Via Flickr: duncan-green

    20. Rusholme is pretty dingy too.

    insert_user_name / Via Flickr: 30890318@N06

    21. Didsbury is just as dreary.

    James / Via Flickr: jacockshaw

    22. Everywhere is just so claustrophobic.

    Duncan Hull / Via Flickr: dullhunk

    23. There is nowhere to watch the footy.

    Crystian Cruz / Via Flickr: crystiancruz / Creative Commons

    24. It just isn't a thing up here.

    Alfonso Jimenez / Via Flickr: alfonsojimenez

    25. There is just no culture in Manchester.

    Gidzy / Via Flickr: gidzy

    The Royal Exchange

    26. Do they even know what art is?

    Steve Parkinson / Via Flickr: steveparkinson

    27. The museums look really boring too.

    Liz Smith / Via Flickr: lizsmith

    28. Don't they?

    Neil Turner / Via Flickr: neilt

    29. How ~original~.

    deadmanjones / Via Flickr: deadmanjones

    30. Don't go to Heaton Park either.

    Sue Langford / Via Flickr: sue_langford

    31. Nothing ever happens there.

    Pete / Via Flickr: 86079236@N03 / Creative Commons

    32. Music? In Manchester? Never.

    Becca / Via Flickr: becca_ca_ca / Creative Commons

    33. And the architecture is so plain.

    Ricardo / Via Flickr: 16712259@N04 / Creative Commons

    34. Did I mention the cold?

    James Streater / Via Flickr: maverixsnow

    35. Or that everywhere just looks the same?

    Tom Blackwell / Via Flickr: tjblackwell

    36. It's like going round in circles.

    C. / Via Flickr: chuyan94

    37. You'd regret going to university here.

    38. And it's not like there's much choice anyway.

    Gordon Marino / Via Flickr: 49627256@N00

    39. Who'd live in a house like this?

    Budby / Via Flickr: 30120216@N07

    Elizabeth Gaskell? Never heard of her.

    40. The people really hate it here.

    Lawrence / Via Flickr: sherrlock

    41. So please don't visit.

    Tom Blackwell / Via Flickr: tjblackwell / Creative Commons

    42. It will definitely disappoint.

    marcus_jb1973 / Via Flickr: marcusjb

    Thank you to everyone who contributed their images to this article.