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    42 Pictures That Actually Prove It's Grim Up North

    Just don't go.

    1. Going to Manchester is like taking a step back in time.

    2. The people are really dull.

    3. They hate to make a song and dance about things.

    4. In fact, they just keep themselves to themselves.

    5. The combination of old and new architecture really doesn’t work.

    6. At all.

    7. And does it ever stop raining?

    8. There's nowhere to enjoy a good book.

    9. Seriously: Who'd want to read here?

    10. The buildings are just so grey.

    11. And don't get me started on the graffiti.

    12. You should never go out after dark in Manchester.

    13. There's nowhere to go out anyway.

    14. Nowhere you'd want to dance.

    15. So you should just stay at home.

    16. There are no green spaces nearby .

    17. And there's nowhere to shop.

    18. Never go to Salford.

    19. Ever.

    20. Rusholme is pretty dingy too.

    21. Didsbury is just as dreary.

    22. Everywhere is just so claustrophobic.

    23. There is nowhere to watch the footy.

    24. It just isn't a thing up here.

    25. There is just no culture in Manchester.

    26. Do they even know what art is?

    27. The museums look really boring too.

    28. Don't they?

    29. How ~original~.

    30. Don't go to Heaton Park either.

    31. Nothing ever happens there.

    32. Music? In Manchester? Never.

    33. And the architecture is so plain.

    34. Did I mention the cold?

    35. Or that everywhere just looks the same?

    36. It's like going round in circles.

    37. You'd regret going to university here.

    38. And it's not like there's much choice anyway.

    39. Who'd live in a house like this?

    40. The people really hate it here.

    41. So please don't visit.

    42. It will definitely disappoint.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed their images to this article.