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    15 Things We Can Possibly Get Excited About Now That Tom Holland Is Staying In The MCU

    More Happy and Aunt May, PLEASE. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Far From Home!

    If you broke dozens of objects a month ago when Sony announced they were taking Tom Holland's Spider-Man out of the MCU... you're not alone! Alas, he's BACK, and we can all rejoice!

    1. First and foremost, we can hopefully look forward to more emotional Iron Man flashbacks:

    SONY Studios

    With the news that Robert Downey Jr. might reprise the role of Tony Stark in the Black Widow movie next year, could we possibly see him make an appearance to Peter in the next film?! Dear Marvel, PLEASE. MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

    2. More updates on Happy and Aunt May's relationship.

    SONY Studios, Sony

    Marisa Tomei is an angel. She is the best Aunt May we have ever seen in a Spider-Man flick. Is she wayyyyyyy out of Happy's league? Yes. Do I care? No, because that "summer fling" was hysterical and the thought of Happy as Peter's step-uncle sounds amazing.

    3. The return of J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson:

    SONY Studios

    It's safe to say Simmons's portrayal as the ~passionate~ Daily Bugle editor was a bright spot for all of us in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films. Let's hope the cameo at the end of Far From Home turns into a full-time gig in the third film!

    4. More Peter + MJ moments. 😍

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    Throughout Far From Home we were all rooting for Peter to finally tell MJ how he feels, and BOOM — IT HAPPENED. Will they be able to maintain their relationship, or will the fact that the world knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man ruin it? We're DYING TO KNOW.

    5. More of Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio 👀.

    SONY Studios

    A major highlight of Spider-Man: Far From Home was Gyllenhaal's Mysterio. He is easily one of the best villains to ever grace the MCU, and hopefully, he'll be part of the next film!

    6. The possibility of the Sinister Six (aka the supervillains of Spider-Man universe coming together) in the MCU.

    Marvel / Via

    There were hints of the Sinister Six joining the MCU in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but could we finally see them take on Spidey in the third film?! We sure hope so.

    7. A world that knows Spider-Man's real identity.

    SONY Studios

    One of the great things about Spider-Man in the MCU was that very few people knew who he really was... or at least, that *used* to be the case. How will people react to finding out that their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is a 16-year-old high school student?! No clue, but we can't wait to find out.


    SONY Studios

    Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man ever. Plain and simple. If you disagree, you are just wrong. Neither of the other Spider-Men had the charm that Holland brings to the screen.

    9. More Tom Holland with the Avengers. Period.

    Marvel Studios

    The deal between Disney and Sony is still very much hush-hush, but we do know that he will appear as Spider-Man in at least one more Avengers movie. Thank God, because I can't imagine a successful Avengers movie without Iron-Man, Black Widow, AND Spider-Man.

    10. More writing and directing from Jon Watts.,

    The unique thing about the Spider-Man movies in the MCU is that they mix the classic script with a Jon Watts-esque high school comedy. As long as that is the theme for the rest of these Spider-Man movies, sign me up.

    11. A slew of future adventures with Ned, Betty, Happy, MJ, Flash, Mr. Dell, and Mr. Harrington all together.

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    One of the most underrated parts of the Jon Watts Spider-Man movies is the fact that *literally* every character is awesome. The banter the kids and the teachers have, the weird relationship between May and Happy, the awkward high school relationships... IT IS ALL AMAZING. Watts is freaking genius, and I can't wait to see what he thinks up next.

    12. The return of Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture.

    SONY Studios

    I absolutely love Michael Keaton, but when I first heard he would be in Homecoming, I was a little surprised. Boy did he change my mind! Keaton was phenomenal as Vulture, and maybe, just maybe, he finds a way to break out of jail and wreck havoc on Spidey once again.

    13. And the return of Donald Glover's Aaron Davis — aka Miles Morales's uncle (!!!).

    SONY Studios, Fair Use

    When Donald Glover appeared in Homecoming, fans were quick to point out that he is Miles Morales' uncle. Could we see Miles jump from the SONY Spider-Man cinematic universe to the MCU????? Maybe, maybe. Make it happen lord Feige.

    14. The possibility of Ned becoming Hobgoblin.

    SONY Studios, Fair Use

    Yes, you read that right. While Ned and Peter are best buddies in the MCU, their relationship turned pretty sour in the comics. So much so, that Ned actually became the third Hobgoblin. Do I want to see this? Not really, but hey, I'm all for more Jon Watts major twists!

    15. And of course... more Ned and Betty.

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    I know, a lot of relationship talk in this post, but hey, that was a highlight of Far From Home. I don't *want* to hear Ned and Betty call each other "babe" 100 more times in the third film — I NEED TO HEAR THAT. Please, let them get back together, Jon.