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12 Muppets Most Likely To Commit A Crime

Everyone loves the Muppets. They sing, they dance, and some have probably broken the law. It's the Muppets Most Wanted List, yaaayaa!

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1. The Moopets

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The bizzaro Muppets gang (actually a tribute band) was introduced in The Muppets in 2011. As the anti-Muppets, Miss Poogy, Kermoot, Foozie, Roowlf, Janooce and Animool (played by Dave Grohl) help the film's villain Tex Richman in his attempts to demolish the Muppet Theatre and in effect send the Muppets into permanent obsolescence. After Richman changes his evil ways, the Moopets, well, don't, and show up in his office demanding their cut.

2. Uncle Deadly

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A.k.a. "the Phantom of the Muppet Show," this Muppet seems most at home in your nightmares. He's got beady, yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and that voice, THAT VOICE. Uncle Deadly made appearances on The Muppet Show (his first alongside Vincent Price) and had a comeback as Tex Richman's henchman in The Muppets. If he hasn't killed a Muppet or a man, Uncle Deadly's at least scared the shit out of somebody.

3. Miss Piggy

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If anyone messes with her Kermie, she's guaranteed to get a karate chop from Miss Piggy. But if Kermit messes up and dares insult his lady pig, he's more than likely to end up the victim of pig-on-frog, domestic violence. Piggy can be passive aggressive, and prone to crimes of passion.

4. Crazy Harry

Crazy Harry is the resident Muppets pyro, whose specialty is blowing things up. He's likely caused millions in property damage, countless injuries and scared the bejeezus out of every one in the Muppet Theatre. Did somebody say boom?

5. Statler and Waldorf

The misanthropes of the mezzanine are old money, old school, olde time haters. Statler and Waldorf are probably guilty of some white-collar crimes. They played the ghosts of the Marley brothers who haunted Scrooge in The Muppets' version of A Christmas Carol. Still, they're probably even guiltier of hate crimes, knocking Muppets for bad jokes and comedic timing, especially the brown guy, Fozzie Bear.

6. Fozzie Bear

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Not to blame the victim, but Fozzie Bear is certainly guilty of crimes against comedy. His timing is alright, but his punchlines are weak. The bear with the rubber chicken can't hide behind his catchphrase. Everybody knows he's up to no good standup.

7. Bobo the Bear

Bobo the Bear seems to have a penchant for aiding and abetting. Most recently in The Muppets, he's Tex Richman's right-hand ursine, and in other Muppet films he plays an airport security guard and government agent who helps interrogate innocent civilians. But Bobo may just be a nice bear who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

8. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

This mad scientist uses his defenseless, non-communicative assistant as a test subject. If what Dr. Bunsen Honeydew subjects Beaker to on a regular basis isn't torture, it's certainly cruel and unusual scientific practice. And where are his eyes? He has no eyes!

9. Gonzo

Is bestiality legal when many Muppets come from the animal kingdom? How about if you're from another planet? Gonzo the Great dates a chicken, but no one really knows the nature of his and Camilla's love. They first meet in The Muppet Movie, and are romantically involved in the show and other movies. But Gonzo's not exactly human (he's an alien?), so maybe it's not a crime after all.

10. Dr. Teeth

He's the frontman of the Electric Mayhem, inspired by Dr. John and Elton John, but Dr. Teeth sure does dress like a pimp. Like, he wears a hat with a feather in it, a pretty colorful coat, and he has a gold tooth, okay.

11. Animal

He eats his drum kit and likes to smash things so I'm going to go out on a limb and say Animal may have taken a bite out of another Muppet at some point. Still, they keep him chained up like a dog. Not cool.

12. Sweetums

The monster Muppet looks like he's ready to rape and pillage, but he's not that bad in person. Mostly he just wants to help, be part of the gang and go to Hollywood. Sweetums finally, almost, makes it in The Muppets, after getting left behind 30 years earlier by Kermit and the gang. No wonder the dude always looks pissed.

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