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35 Things You Go Through As A New NHS Junior Doctor

Insomniacs, nervous wrecks, alcoholics - and that's just the people looking after you.

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1. So after 5 years of medical school you graduated with grace.

2. Had a summer of many classy celebrations.

3. And a few less classy.

4. But you knew trouble was on the horizon, come the first week of August.

5. Because you are now a year one foundation doctor.

6. You've heard your new hospital does not have helpful seniors when you need them.

7. That the patients are demanding.

8. And that the managers and the doctors don't quite see eye to eye.

9. Immediately your Med Reg seems to dislike all of your management plans.

10. Giving you the impression they do not view you as an equal colleague.

11. You have no clue how to do the paperwork.

12. You are asking the nurses for help every 10 seconds.

13. As you don't quite trust your consultant's judgement.

14. And the cracks are beginning to show.

15. Your first night shift.

16. Your bleep just won't stop, er, bleeping.

17. 8 hours in, you cram down any junk food you can find on your first and only 5 minute break.

18. It's tough.

19. You just hope it isn't your treatment that is making any of the patients worse.

20. However, eventually your success rate with putting in iv cannulas begins to go up.

21. Maybe because you stare at people's arms at the supermarket and imagine trying to take blood from them.

22. You are getting used to the procession of ward rounds.

23. You gain some respect from your seniors.

24. And you realise that certain procedures you felt uncomfortable with at first.

25. Are becoming second nature.

26. You even find the confidence to try your own treatment plans sometimes.

27. You realise that, though it's scary, you are lucky to have an in-demand job.

28. Even if it isn't like it seemed on TV.

29. Remember there is ALWAYS someone you can call.

30. That planning fun things in your free time is invaluable.

31. And at least you don't have a film crew recording your mistakes.

32. You are lucky you can bond with colleagues over how many bodily fluids you've had splash on you that day.

33. That you get to meet a variety of interesting people.

34. Work for an incredible institution.

35. And that payday is never too far away.

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