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    27 Best Chocolate Gifts For Valentine's Day

    Chocolate and flowers are a classic Valentine's pairing but rose petals taste awful and the thorns can scratch your beloved's throat. Stick to these chocolatey prezzies instead.

    1. Hot chocolate with heart-y marshmallows to inspire cozy fireside snuggles after you've stirred them into a hot cup of milk, be it soy, almond, rice, get the idea.

    Hot chocolate and marshmallow gift set

    2. Chocolate peanut butter cups from Belgium for a sweet taste of a European vacation you can do from the comfort of your garage.

    Chocolate peanut butter cups

    3. An assortment of exotic heart-shaped bonbons to introduce your loved one's palate to novel taste combinations — like yuzu and hibiscus — Trojan horse-style.

    Heart-shaped bon bons

    4. A chocolate and a book subscription to remind someone how much you love them on Valentine's and every month — or at least that they should read more.

    Chocolate and a book subscription

    5. A chocolate and a ritual pack for that special someone in your life who needs more self-love (i.e., nearly everyone).

    Chocolate self-love gift set

    6. A chocolate "kiss" to put your gifting money where your mouth is. Or is it the other way around?

    Chocolate lips

    7. Vegan double chocolate cookies for decadent treats that everyone can eat — provided you're cool with sharing.

    Double chocolate cookies

    8. An assortment of dark chocolate candies with enough diversity to satisfy everyone and anyone — even the unadventurous eaters.

    Dark chocolate gift box

    9. A "Choco-lot of Love" 10-bar pack that sets the bar for the chocolate-lover in your love life. Bar none!

    Multiple chocloate bars in multi-colored wrappers

    10. Chocolate chip cookies that swallowed smaller sandwich cookies for mouthfuls of yum more complex than the relationship-building exercises your couples' therapist recommended.

    Deluxe chocolate chip cookie

    11. A dozen solid milk chocolate roses for two traditional Valentine's Day gifts mashed into one edible bouquet. (But, again, do not eat the stems.)

    Chocolate roses

    12. A single-origin dark chocolate bar to gift the essence of chocolate to your essential person.

    Dark chocolate bar

    13. A turtle brookie which — you're confused. Let us explain: A brookie is a hybrid cookie-brownie. The turtle brookie is made with classic turtle ingredients, i.e., pecans, caramel, and chocolate. Of course, these don't look like turtles the way the original candies do, but that's what makes you special — or at least what makes these Valentine's Day chocolate gifts special.

    Turtle brookie

    14. A chocolate bar that's even good for you, especially if you have hair, skin, or nails. These sugar- and dairy-free bars of free-trade dark chocolate contain pearl collagen and Rhodiola to help your body combat stress — like the stress of not having a Valentine's Day gift ready on Feb. 14.

    Beauty Bar

    15. Double chocolate espresso cookies for a buzz-y Valentine's treat that will keep you up. All. Night. Long.

    Double chocolate espresso cookie

    16. A basket of candy, toys, and more — including lots of chocolate treats — for a Valentine's gift intended for a household, office, or emergency bunker.

    Gift basket

    17. A tower of chocolate treats for nearly a foot-and-a-half of stacked snacks. That's a lot of snacks!

    Chocolate tower

    18. Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which are yet another example of hazelnut-plus-chocolate deliciousness.

    Ferrero Rocher hazelnut milk chocolate

    19. A tin box of all sorts of treats for when you can't commit (to a single type of chocolate).

    Tin of chocolate treats

    20. Heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in red foil to really drive home that chocolate-as-love connection.

    Foil-covered chocolate hearts

    21. A heart-shaped chocolate pizza with a mallet to metaphorically and literally break a heart. Cathartic if you're suffering your own broken heart or just really hate large novelty baked goods.

    Heart-shaped cookie with mallet

    22. A box of chocolates for someone to inevitably reference that classic Forrest Gump line, "He got a daddy named Forrest, too?"

    Gourmet truffles

    23. A box of designer chocolates that is as much about the box as the chocolates with trippy flavors like green chartreuse pineapple lime and Japanese whiskey yuzu vanilla to go with that artwork.

    Designer chocoates

    24. Cleanse-approved chocolate, in case you weren't able to get to it in January.

    Clean chocolate bars

    25. A completely over-the-top collection of gourmet chocolates to make up for forgetting your anniversary, her birthday, last Valentine's, and/or Christmas.

    Bastet chocolate collection

    26. A package of Authentic Mexican hot chocolate and cinnamon cookie dunkers for a cozier combo than the coffee and donut you pair the other 364 days a year.

    Hot chocolate and cinnamon cookies

    27. A chocolate panettone to make Valentine's feel like a holiday... in Brazil.

    Chocottone sliced open

    Maybe be a little nicer than this with your presentation.

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