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    22 Moments From "Holiday In Handcuffs" That Prove It's The Craziest Christmas Movie Ever

    You have a lot of options when it comes to Christmas movies. Why not watch one that's baffling and terrifying? SPOILER WARNING if you can't predict the plot of a Christmas romantic comedy.

    1. This Is Trudie. That's Her Breakfast.

    2. It's Me! Little Pootie!

    3. That Hair.

    4. The Holiday Hostage.

    5. He Handles It Really Well.

    6. The Romantic Beef Jerky Scene.

    7. Trudie's Parents Find The Whole Situation To Be Hilarious.

    8. The Key Master.

    9. The Entire Family Refuses to Help.

    10. David Can't Catch Trudie.

    11. David Almost Kills Trudie's Father And That's OK.

    12. David Finds a Phone!

    13. In The Meantime, Let's Play Football.

    14. Stockholm Syndrome Sets In.

    15. They Kiss.

    16. He Proposes.

    17. He Builds Her An Ice Rink.

    18. FINALLY The Police Arrive.

    19. Grandma Threatens A Police Officer At Gunpoint.

    20. David Doesn't Press Charges.

    21. He Kidnaps Her.

    22. They Kiss. Again.