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10 Ways Enya Is Relatable

Think you have nothing in common with award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-millionaire, Enya? Think again.

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6. She sings in a made-up language.

EMI Music Publishing Ltd / Via

Some Enya songs are sung in "Loxian," a language invented by Enya collaborator Roma Ryan. Let's be honest, we all forget lyrics and slip into gibberish sometimes. Just ask Young Thug.

9. The castle is near a "crack cocaine hell hole."

Tony Gavin / Via

According to the Irish Independent, "a drugs ‘hell hole’ is blighting one of Ireland’s most beautiful seaside resorts near the homes of stars such as Bono and Enya." That makes her at least a little more relatable, right?

10. She’s worth €115 million (that’s $146,466,300 US).

Troman / Procopio / Via

While Enya is very wealthy, the fact remains that we all use money, and it doesn't get more relatable than that. If it helps, The Irish Independent mentions she’s “partial to cats."

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