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15 Rejected BuzzFeed Quizzes

Online personality quizzes are the most popular thing on the internet, based on the Facebook feeds of our aunts. Yet not all quizzes are created equal. Here's 15 that were rejected, perhaps for being a bit TOO genius.

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#1. Which Celebrity Who Has Appeared in a Proactive Commercial Are You?

#2. Which Superhero Not Marketable Enough to Get Their Own Movie Are You?

#3. Which Sony and/or Microsoft Game Console That Grandmas Insist on Calling a "Nintendo" Are You?

#4. Which Disappointed Parent of a Member of Sum 41 Are You?

#5. Which of My Ex-Girlfriend's Recents Lovers Who Has a "Real Job" Are You?

#6. Which Post-2008 Avril Lavigne Song That Nobody Cares About Are You?

#7. Which of the Many Regrets That Keep Me Awake at Night Are You?

#8. What Guitar Feedback at the End of a Nirvana Song Are You?

#9. Which Dubstep Album in My D.A.R.E. CD Case that Keeps Girls from Getting into My Car Are You?

#10. Which Extra Whose Name Wasn't Listed in the Credits of Ferris Bueller's Day Off Are You?

#11. Which Freckle on My Back That Might Actually Be a Cancer-Mole Are You?

#12. Which Pointless Non-Sprite Lemon-Lime Soda Are You?

#13. Which "This Isn't a Cold Sore, I Probably Just Bit My Lip in My Sleep" Are You?

#14. Which of Ving Rhames's Shirts That Are Missing a Button but He Keeps Them Anyway Because They Were Kinda Pricey Plus He Looks Real Snazzy in 'Em Are You?

#15. Which of the Entries on This List That Has Gotten Way Too Meta Are You?

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