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    5 Life-Changing Gmail Hacks In Two Minutes

    These hacks will save your life. Or at least your job.

    Tired of being intimidated by your inbox? Try these simple tips and you'll be in charge in no time.

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    For example, we've all sent emails we've immediately regretted. But don't worry, THERE'S A WAY TO UNDO SENT MESSAGES.

    Start by hitting that gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Gmail window and selecting Settings.

    Under Settings, select Google Labs.

    Scroll down a little bit and enable Undo Send, which will give you a few seconds to take back a message after you've sent it.

    Live the rest of your life as a happy and carefree person, secure in the knowledge that you can always take back that really dumb thing you said. (Over Gmail, anyway.)