17 Offbeat Ice Cream Flavors To Make Right Now

Once you’ve bought an ice cream maker, there’s no reason to waste it on plain old chocolate and vanilla.

1. Strawberry Red Pepper

Sure, strawberry ice cream is already great, but it gets boring after a while. Adding in some red pepper and paprika will do for your strawberry ice cream what swinging did for your weird aunt and uncle’s relationship.

Recipe here.

2. Kale

Kale’s been in everything else you’ve eaten for the past five years, so why not toss it in your ice cream maker as well?

Recipe here.

3. Absinthe

One bite of this absinthe ice cream and you’ll swear you’re in 1920’s Paris, not standing at your kitchen counter in a pair of torn sweatpants.

Recipe here.

4. Zucchini Bread

Max Falkowitz / Via seriouseats.com

Zucchini bread manages to take a healthy vegetable and turn it into cake, so let’s go ahead and turn zucchini bread into ice cream, ok?

Recipe here.

5. Sweet Corn

Sweet corn might be the perfect gateway into ice cream flavors from the supermarket’s veggie section. “Sweet” is right there in the name, after all.

Recipe here.

6. Green Pea

Because you know you already have a bag of frozen peas in your freezer. Go check, we’ll wait. Yep.

Recipe here.

7. Parsnip

amesis / Via splendidtable.org

Sure, when people ask you what a parsnip is you’ll still have to answer, “um, I think it’s like a carrot?” But you’ll know for sure that you’ve made amazing ice cream.

Recipe here.

8. Taro

Max Falkowitz / Via seriouseats.com

Ok, you might be even less clear on what taro is than what a parsnip is, but again, no one will care while they’re chowning down.

Recipe here.

9. Celery

cristinasciarra / Via d2k9njawademcf.cloudfront.net

Fair warning: according to its creator, this ice cream REALLY tastes like celery. But if you’ve ever loved ants on a log, maybe toss on some peanut butter sauce and go to town?

Recipe here.

10. Curried Butternut Squash

It’s like a spoonful of Autumn or a spoonful of India or maybe even a spoonful of Autumn in India. All very exciting things.

Recipe here.

11. Olive Oil

If you’re the person who gets excited when the bread at the restaurant shows up with a bowl of citrusy olive oil instead of boring old butter, this one is for you.

Recipe here.

12. Black Pepper

sassyradish / Via flickr.com

Black pepper might not sound like the first thing you’d add to ice cream, but the end result is like if vanilla ice cream had an evil twin. A delicious evil twin.

Recipe here.

13. Cucumber

Cucumbers are chilly and refreshing, so if you think about it, they’re sort of a perfect fit for a summertime treat like ice cream.

Recipe here.

14. Sweet Potato

Joanne Tsakos / Via d1ujpofy5vmb70.cloudfront.net

This one isn’t just delicious, it’s actually healthy. It’s basically an ice cream version of your over-achieving best friend from high school.

Recipe here.

15. Avocado Coconut

You love the creamy goodness of ice cream. You love the creamy goodness of avocado. Yeah, go make this now.

Recipe here.

16. Sriracha Chocolate Chip

You know that one friend you have that swears they wish they could have sriracha on everything? Time to show them just how right they’ve been.

Recipe here.

17. Philadelphia Cheese Steak

Let’s be honest: we’re not 100% sure that this one is actually good. But go for it. You’re now a ninja of ice cream.

Recipe here.

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