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    13 Maps That Will Change How You See The World

    It's a big, weird world out there. These maps will let you know just how big and weird it is.

    1. The Southeast corner of Asia has a lot of people.

    valeriepieris / Via

    If you're a human being, there's a good chance you live in Asia.

    2. By digging straight through the center of the Earth, you would hit water, not China.


    If you're not starting from one of the green slivers on the map, pack a swimsuit along with your shovel.

    3. Greenland is much smaller than you've been led to believe.


    Your grade school map has some serious explaining to do.

    4. When dinosaurs roamed the Earth, you could walk from Washington, D.C. to Cairo, Egypt.

    Massimo Pietrobon / Via

    Unless a Tyrannosaurus ate you first, of course.

    5. There are almost five million U.S. Census blocks that contain no people.

    Nik Freeman / Via

    If it's ever too crowded where you live, don't worry. There's still plenty of space out there.

    6. The United States would stretch almost exactly across one side of the moon.


    And that's without even adding in Alaska and Hawaii.

    7. Brazil would also stretch right across the United States.


    So Brazil would fit nicely onto the moon as well. Math!

    8. if we built a tunnel across the Bering Straight, you'd be able to take a train from New York to Paris.


    It would be a very long ride though. Be sure to bring a book.

    9. The Pacific Ocean is very, very big.


    It's basically half a planet!

    10. All of North America looks like a tiny speck next to Jupiter's Great Red Spot


    Holy crap, forget the Pacific Ocean. Jupiter is very, very, very big.

    11. There are only 22 countries that Great Britain has never invaded.


    You probably don't live in one.

    12. The Tokyo metro area has a larger population than over 75% of the world's nations.


    Some of these countries are so small that Britain has never even invaded them.

    13. Ludacris has made stops in many, many area codes.


    What can you say, the guy loves eastern Nebraska.

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