Why Your Favorite Professor Is Your Parent Away From Home

No need for parental separation anxiety at college when you’ve got an awesome professor on your side.

1. They’re sources of endless encouragement.

2. But they’re also great at keeping it real with you.

Two separate theses in one semester? Let’s rethink this, Matthew.”

3. They go to great lengths to help you succeed.

4. But you feel terrible when they’re disappointed in you.

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To hear the phrase “this isn’t your best work” pretty much tears your heart in two.

5. And it’s only because they want you to do well.

6. When it’s almost finals week, they come to class bearing appropriate provisions.


7. And it’s the best when they bring their kids to class to cheer you up (or as teaching subjects).

Bonus: babysitting for professors means extra cash and ADORABLE BABIES.

8. Office hours sometimes means being invited to casual dinner parties.


9. They even come to your games, shows, and gigs (no matter how bad you are).

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10. And when their band has a gig, you’re there for them too.


True story: these are some of my professors in a band. Here’s to you, Roundabout Ramblers!

11. They geek out about the weirdest and funniest things.

12. Especially about the subjects that you love.

13. Your old teachers might have been scary, but your college professors become your pals.

14. They’re the smart and funny parent you always wanted.

And if your parents are already smart and funny, why not have more in your life?

15. They’re there for you from the first day of your freshman year.

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16. Until the very end when you graduate.


17. And while they’ll have new students, they’ll always remember you.

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18. That said, your professors are probably the coolest people you know.

19. So get excited for school, y’all. It’s gonna be a fun ride.

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