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23 Tweets About #ThanksgivingWithFilipinoFamilies That'll Make You Laugh

"Anak, we're not talking about you."

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1. On mano po.

2. On cleanliness (which is next to Godliness).

3. On making hintay.

4. And on rewards for making hintay.


5. On cultural exchange.

6. And on hotdogs, di ba?

7. On kamayan.

8. On conflicts of interest.


9. On bad grades.

10. And on the only time you get high grades.

11. On the liberal arts.

When nanay tries to explain my job to the rest of the family #millennial #libarts #ThanksgivingWithFilipinoFamilies

12. On careers.


13. On staying in school.

14. On Tito Boy's swag.

15. On your ears burning.

16. On being included.


17. On lying.

18. And on the truth.

19. And on the other truth.

20. On being discreet.


21. On very real emergencies.

22. On team spirit.

23. And on the goddamn truth! 🔥🍗😍👏🏾

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