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What Do You Think Is The Best Song To Have Sex To?

*cough* Asking for a friend.

Sex, when consensual and communicative, can be an amazing and life-giving (heh) experience.

Every now and then, you need some help setting the mood to get sky rockets in flight.

A tried and true method for ~kicking it up a notch~ in the bedroom is putting on some music.

Sweet, sweet love-making music.

Maybe you're into the slow, steady, and sensual stuff — like "Rocket" by Beyoncé.

Or something with pulsing and pounding bass for horizontal dancing — like "Good Kisser" by Usher.

But sometimes a tune that's sad and sexy will do the trick — like "Thinkin' About You" by Frank Ocean.

Whatever kind of soundtrack gets your rocks off, we want to know what it is — share your favorite sex song in the comments below!