22 Perfectly Valid Reasons You Should Drink Wine Right Now

“Would you like a glass or —” “Bottle.”

1. The cup of joe in the morning just wasn’t enough.

2. You’ve been through some athletic endeavors.

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3. You take “treat yoself” to a whole new level.

4. You’re efficient with your time.

5. And you’re a resourceful and capable individual.

6. Like, really resourceful.

7. And you’ll be sure to find a use for the bottle afterwards.

8. Your grounded and honest character deserves it.

9. After all, you’re young.

10. Or maybe you’re old.

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11. Even if you’re a child at heart.

12. Or you just might be needing a little extra~

MTV / Via giphy.com

13. Perhaps you’ve had a bad stumble recently and you need something to soothe your wounds.

14. Or just made a couple of tiny mistakes.

15. Remember, wine talks you out of bad situations before you get into them.

16. And it can help you steel yourself for some sticky social situations.

17. Or maybe you’re still at work.

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18. And it’s just been a generally long-ass week.

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19. So reward yourself with an exquisite meal highlighting Italian fare.

20. The story that wine will tell can never lead you astray.

21. While there are other options, should wine be insufficient.

22. But just know that wine is here for you. Any day. Any time.

Bravo / Via giphy.com


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