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21 Funny Pictures That'll Reaffirm Your Faith In The Philippines

Bayang magiliw / Perlas ng Silang—ayan nanaman. H/T: r/Philippines.

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1. On not quite wetting the bed:

2. On irony:

3. On technology:

4. And on pushing your limits:

5. On glitz and glamour:

6. And on safe travels:

7. On games:

8. On fucking the police:

9. On Jollibee's real name:

10. On public life:

11. On Jenny from the block:

12. On self-worth:

13. On self-portraiture:

14. On translation:

15. And on accents:

16. On universality:

17. On the after-effects of colonialism:

18. On ingenuity:

19. On delicious trickery:

20. On resourcefulness:

21. And on being prepared for anything:

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