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Aussies Try To Guess The Meaning Of Filipino Words

"You're so baduy in bed." Warning: crude language ahead!

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BuzzFeed Philippines talked to four editors from BuzzFeed Australia and discussed the peculiarities of the Filipino language. While they were very logical with their observations in the discussion, the Australian BuzzFeeders were very prone to sexual tension and homoerotic subtext.

Word: Baduy

"This sounds dirty."

"Is it dirty?"

"Like a bad guy?"


"Like a goodie and a baduy"

"Baduy is like Bah-dooeeee"


"A real dirty BADUY"

"You're so baduy in bed."

"Jenna not evertyhing on this is going to be about sex"

"Is it like a ricochet sound during love making?"

"everything is about sex!!"

"So is baduy another name for your little fella"

"omg what would ricochet in bed"

"Your baduy obvs"

"or your big swinging baduy"

"what are you doing that there's a richochet sound"

Actual meaning: When you say something is "baduy," you're saying it's tacky or passé.

Word: Anghit

"reminds me of 'aight'"

"like 'How you doing Mark' 'Anghit.'"

"Anghit feels to me like a really gangrenous zit"

"Like pop that anghit from your face"

"gangrenous is a great word"

"It sounds like something you do when you're driving"

"like, 'I tried to chuck a uey, but ended up anghit'"

BuzzFeed Philippines: Wait. What is a 'uey'?


"then we can laugh at you"

"see how it feels."

"You chuck a uey"

"like a u turn"

"Called Uey's because shaped like Us"

"A Uey is a contraceptive device"


"we have gone off track"

"i understand little about female contraception so all this is news to me."

"So what IS an anghit"

Actual meaning: "Anghit" is body odor.

"My new name for Nick then"

"Nick has terrible anghit"

"after i'm done with Brad's mum that is."



"You can't stop me! WE'RE ON THE INTERNET"


Word: Brad



"stupid piece of shit."

"Actually he's a pretty good co-worker"


"Is it someone who always leaves work five minutes early?"

"wes anderson's only fan"

"the kind of guy who orders flat bread at subway."

"Mean when you are sad and cold"

"does it mean someone who is hot? Like Brad Pitt?"

"Is it like a guy who is a bro AND a Dad"

"Brad = DUDE"

Actual meaning: "Brad" basically just means a dude, but it's also often used by dudes in fraternities to refer to each other.

"frat guys are the worst."

"Brad is the worst"

Word: Bruha

"like a mess or messy"

"This is a big bruha."

"Your apartment is so bruha."

"A bruha is like a bunch of Brads in a fight"

"is it when you're saying brother but someone tells a joke and you crack up laughing mid word?"

"Oh yeah like 'Sheila was telling me the funniest thing about her br-UHA'"

"Maybe its like Fillipino beer"



"its a beer that makes you laugh!"

"A funny beer"

"Classic beer."

"bruha, you're so funny!"

Actual meaning: When you call someone a "bruha," you're calling them a bitch. It's common parlance between women and gay men.

"ohhhh, like 'This bruha!'"

"I may be a bruha but at least I'm a hot bruha"


Word: Gaga

"a Lady"

"No, too obvious"

"P-p-p-p-p-poker face"

"A gaga is a total fine hottie"

"then Jenna is a gaga"


"stop perving on jenna, mark"

"or a baby"

"Does it mean crazy?"

"A crazy baby?"

"or is gaga a term for a prostitute"

"then that is not Jenna"



"Or maybe gaga is like a slang word for drugs"

"You take some gaga and get bruha."


Actual meaning: When you call someone "gaga," you're saying they're being dumb or thick. There's also a male word for it — "gago."

"omg i love that"

"Nick you gago."

"there we go."

Word: Chismis

"uh... Christmas?"

"chismis is like a sick shirt"


"Christmas for someone with a speech impediment?"

"A drunk New Zealander saying 'cheers, miss?'"

"Chismis is like when you meet someone and it's love at first sight."

"Chris Hemsworth looked across the room at me and it was chismis"

"How'd you get that?"

"i made it up."

"v good"

Actual meaning: "Chismis" means gossip or the act of gossiping, much like "chika."

"Lets have a good chismis about Brad while he's getting coffee"

"It's wrong to chismis but that brad is such a bruha"

"xoxo Chismis Nick"

Word: Ihi

"This means yes."

"like 'Do you want to eat that pizza?' 'ihi!'"

"is it a new apple product?"

"and 'Do you want to binge watch Gilmore Girls?' 'HELL IHI'"


"Ihi is the world's shortest palindrome"

"so it has to mean hello and goodbye"

"I'd like ihi to mean that feeling you get when doing something embarrassing"

"Just power through that feeling of ihi"

"And you get second-hand ihi when you watch X Factor."

"that's right"

"passive ihi"

"third party ihi"

Actual meaning: "Ihi" is simultaneously the noun and verb for piss/pee/urine.

"of course it is"

"like urinating?"

"like urinating"

"so what's poop"



Word: Bastos

"Bastos is an airline for really angry people"

"bastos is when your feet are super hot"

"I've got bastos"

"that sounds like an STI, Mark"

"Jenna, again, not everything is about sex"

"Literally everything is about sex"

"bastos is something you do to chicken before you stick it on the BBQ"

"Bastos is a spicy food."

"I'll have a bastos to go"

"a form of diarrhea"

"Not everything is about poo Nick"

"i'm sure we'll get to poo eventually"

"Bastos is a fun party."

"My sweet 16 is gonna be so bastos."

"well I hop your sweet 16 is covered in bastos"


Actual meaning: Calling something "bastos" would be to call something perverted.

Word: Pwet

"The sound your lips make during your first kiss."

"How you tweet in Filipino"


"sounds sexual come to think of it."

"(This is totally going to mean shit)"

"I just pwetted Simon"


"Woah you kissed Simon? Gonna get some good chismis from this."


"Go to the toilet Nick."

"Is it something to do with getting wet?"

"Yeah wet with your own shit!"

"GUYS please"

Actual meaning: "Pwet" just means butt.

"I'm obssessed with that gif of Chris Evans' pwet."

"like, how rugby pwets are perfect"

"pwet pwet pwet pwet pwet pwet — Big Sean"

Word: Ulol

"no u lol"


"Someone who makes dumb jokes"

"Is this like making fun of someone"

"Like laughing at them"

"a ulol is like a necklace you give a girl who you really like"

"It's like chucking a really funny u-ey"

"you give them a ulol especially if they have a nice pwet"

"is it a university for people wanting to become comedians?"

"You did not attend uLOL Nick"

"A collection of weird people?"

"The brony convention is full of ulols"

"(sorry bronies)"

Actual meaning: When you call someone "ulol," they're being frustratingly stupid.

"Sounds like Nick"

"i just want you guyz 2 lik me"

"I like you Nick."


"fuck brad"



Word: Tambay

"Tambay is something relaxing."

"Reading is my tambay."

"I totally need to hit the beach this weekend and tambay"



"I like that"

"'keep calm and tambay'"

"is it a form of partying?"

"That's the opposite of relaxing"

"sounds like a red light district tbh"

"Not everything is about sex Nick."

"yes it is Jenna. that's why we're alive"



Actual meaning: To "tambay" means to loiter, which is perhaps the Great Filipino Pastime — to tambay at malls, cafés, restaurants...

Word: Yosi

"This is a game kids play at birthday parties."

"I love yosi because I always play to win."

"yosi is like your best mate who you have a weird sexual attraction to, but like you don't want to go there for real."

"Like Nick is my yosi"

"This just got weird."

"Oh youd totally go there mark"


"It's what people say when they see me in the street: 'Yo! Si! Yosi!'"

"hahahahaha Simon"

"Mark, my pwet is ready for you"


"things get weird in Australia."

"Is yosi like some nice noodles"

"Like I'd like to eat some yosi"

"yeah you would mark"


Actual meaning: A "yosi" is a cigarette; a sort of Pig Latin yield from cigarillo.


"I'd smoke on Nick's yosi"

"put your yosi in my pwet mark."

"i quit"

Word: Ebak

"that is definitely a sexual position"

"That's how I feel about all the weird innuendo flying around between Mark and Nick."

"Like you ebak at something. You're shocked and a little uncomfortable."

"ebak is like when you lean back on the dance floor"

"throwing shapes, pulling an ebak"

"ebak is either poo or sex."

"wait. is it something to do with baking?"

"Maybe both at once."

"having sex whilst baking."

"fuck i want cake now."

"The Great Filipino Ebak Off"

"Oh maybe it means jack off"

"anyone else craving cake at the moment?"

"It's sex either alone or with someone."

"Or it's poo."

Actual meaning: It's poo.

"That means I win right"

"I win"

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