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    21 Personal Struggles Only Ravenclaws Will Understand

    #WitBeyondMeasure, suckas.

    1. Getting tired from climbing all those stairs up to the dormitories.

    2. When you can't figure out the door's riddle to get into the common room.

    3. Trying to sleep in but you're forced to wake up with the sun because the dorms look like this.

    4. When you run into the Grey Lady and her 'tude ruins your day.

    5. When your Time-Turner application gets denied and you can't take all the classes you want.

    6. Whenever Madame Pince has to drag you out of the library at closing time and you've only just started next month's homework.

    7. When you want to use Rowena Ravenclaw’s lost diadem to help you on exams but you can't because it's, you know, lost.

    8. Being forever overshadowed by Gryffindor in the House Cup, despite earning Ravenclaw so many points in class.

    9. Reminding people the Ravenclaw mascot is an eagle, not a raven.

    10. Having to choose: blue and bronze, or blue and silver?

    11. When you want to borrow a book from the library and you realize someone else has taken it out.

    12. When your shoulders hurt — not from Quidditch practice, but from lugging all your books around.

    13. Every time the professor tells you to put your hand down and "let someone else answer."

    14. Taking control of a group project because no one is doing it right.

    15. When you need time away from people to be alone with your thoughts in Ravenclaw Tower.

    16. Whenever you have a brilliant idea and have to drop everything and write it down.

    17. All the times people look at you weird when you mention random bits of trivia.

    18. But when you're wrong about something, you never ever hear the end of it.

    19. Whenever people just write you off as "the quirky girl" or "the pompous git."

    20. But you know better since haters are gonna hate and you're gonna do you.

    21. Because no matter what people say, you're a true-blue Ravenclaw and you're smart enough to know you're in the best Hogwarts House.