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37 Reasons Sam Milby Is The Dashing Pinoy Prince You Deserve

A love story in list form.

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PICTURE THIS: It's 3:47 a.m. after a long Saturday night and you're walking down the street when a classic tall-dark-and-handsome locks eyes with you. He offers to walk you home.


6. And a best-selling recording artist.

8. You're still feeling that last margarita so you ask him, "Can you sing something for me?" He does and you can actually feel your heart melting.

9. Sam mentions how his niece loves it when he sings and you involunarily begin to pick out baby names.

11. He's got arms built for carrying heavy objects and also cuddling.

20. The conversation is effortless and you learn more about Sam. Like how he has to have Starbucks at least once a day, just like you do.

21. How he loves sunsets and long walks on the beach, just like YOU do!

22. How he loves musical theatre, JUST LIKE YOU DO. (Also his dad, but you could get there.)

23. And how he has next-level Disney Princess skills, like talking to birds — alas, you cannot. But it's OK because opposites attract.

29. But Sam's a gentleman: At your doorstep, he bids you a warm good night. He keeps eye contact for a little too long and sighs wistfully. He leaves and returns to the durm and strang of the restless city.

33. Until one day, you find yourself pulled to the spot where you and Sam first met. Lo and behold, there he is. Sam flashes you a million-watt smile and says, "Sabi na nga ba... I thought I'd find you here."

34. He takes you out to lunch and he continues to be a pitch-perfect combination of adorable and sexy. Naturally, he declares his everlasting love for you because that's how these things happen.


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