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Newsflash: Mr. Gay Europe 2014 Is Incredibly Princely

Jack Johansson was crowned Mr. Gay Europe by a chorus of cherubs descending from heaven, probably.

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Judging by his Instagram feed, Jack is deserving to have a shining crown on those flaxen tresses.

Here he is, sexily and broodily surveying his newly-earned dominion.

Studying the view of his kingdom once again, demonstrating his qualifications to defend the realm.

There is a twinkling childlike wonder behind those striking azure eyes.

In the body of a knight equipped to slaaaaaaay.

At those extravagant feasts, only the finest foods will grace those noble lips.

His garments are specifically crafted to enhance his blessed princely aura.

But even in commoners' garb, His Royal Foxiness retains said foxiness.

He illustrates a grace and dexterity matched only by the most stunning angels, of which he is one.

And his musical genius is unparalleled.

Congratulations to you, Prince Jack. May your travels bring you fame, fortune, and your first husband.