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    Newsflash: The Guy Who Owns The Meatball Shop Is Stupidly Hot

    My loins are on fire.

    So The Meatball Shop is this New York-based restaurant that specializes in — what do you think — meatballs. And these two dudes are the owners.

    Mr. Dude #1 on the right is Daniel Holzman and Mr. Dude #2 beside him is what dreams are made of.

    His name is Michael Chernow and for the love of GOD get me a chair now.*

    Given how devastatingly handsome the man is, he's been tapped for ad campaigns by nearly everyone.

    Here he is smirking and looking like the rest of your life for J. Crew.

    Walking around and casually smoldering for Coach.

    And sweating aggressively for Equinox and Mr. Porter.

    Because, you know, he can do shit like this.

    Other skills Michael shows off on his Instagram include his stellar selfie game.

    Naturally, as a formally-trained chef, he shows off plenty of tasty things on his Instagram.

    And he loves a good piece of meat.

    He also loves #throwbackthursday. Here's Michael at 19 looking like every mistake you wanted to make in college.

    And here's Michael on (*sigh*) his wedding day.

    The hunky restaurateur is married to model Donna Hemmingsen because apparently that's how life works.

    They're incredibly cute and sweet and they make it so easy to be happy for them.

    And to what does this Prince Charming owe his fairy tale life?

    Keep it up, Michael. Keep on ballin'.