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Newsflash: The Guy Who Owns The Meatball Shop Is Stupidly Hot

My loins are on fire.

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So The Meatball Shop is this New York-based restaurant that specializes in — what do you think — meatballs. And these two dudes are the owners.

The Meatball Shop
Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

Mr. Dude #1 on the right is Daniel Holzman and Mr. Dude #2 beside him is what dreams are made of.

Henry S. Dziekan III / Via Getty Images

His name is Michael Chernow and for the love of GOD get me a chair now.*

*I had to.
Mike Coppola / Via Getty Images

*I had to.

Given how devastatingly handsome the man is, he's been tapped for ad campaigns by nearly everyone.

J. Crew / Via

Here he is smirking and looking like the rest of your life for J. Crew.

J. Crew / Via

Walking around and casually smoldering for Coach.

Coach / Via

And sweating aggressively for Equinox and Mr. Porter.

Equinox / Mr. Porter / Via

Because, you know, he can do shit like this.

Other skills Michael shows off on his Instagram include his stellar selfie game.

Naturally, as a formally-trained chef, he shows off plenty of tasty things on his Instagram.

And he loves a good piece of meat.

He also loves #throwbackthursday. Here's Michael at 19 looking like every mistake you wanted to make in college.

And here's Michael on (*sigh*) his wedding day.

The hunky restaurateur is married to model Donna Hemmingsen because apparently that's how life works.

Jamie McCarthy / Via Getty Images

They're incredibly cute and sweet and they make it so easy to be happy for them.

He captioned this, "Seven years ago today I married the woman of my dreams. @donnachernow I love you soo much!!" And Donna replied in the comments, "I love you too baby!!!"

And to what does this Prince Charming owe his fairy tale life?

Courtesy of GQ / Via

Mhmm, same.

Keep it up, Michael. Keep on ballin'.

Henry S. Dziekan III / Via Getty Images

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