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Marlon Stöckinger Is The Filipino-Swiss Race Driver Who'll Get Your Heart Racing

"Stöckinger"? More like, StöckingHIM hahaha please don't arrest me.

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This is Marlon Stöckinger.

So like, first of all, you're welcome.

Born in the Philippines, he's a Filipino-Swiss racing driver who's raced the European circuit, particularly in the GP3 Series and the World Series by Renault.

He's the first Filipino to win a formula race in Europe, so hell yeah #PinoyPride.

And he's not afraid to show it.

Also, not to mention that he's a total babe.

I mean, HONESTLY. God bless that gene pool.

Of course, he has to train and keep up the temple that is his heavenly bod.

But he's not afraid to treat himself every now and then.

He'll savor things like sinigang and white rice, naturally.

And especially champagne showers.

"#Lovethatfeeling" Yeah, no, same.

Still, some things are apparently off-limits.


That'll be hard because he's a hot ride—UH, I mean, he's got a hot ride.

But, *gulp*, yes. Marlon Stöckinger. What a man.

GadgetsMagazineTV / Via

Go on then, Marlon. Let's get these hearts racing*~*~

GadgetsMagazineTV / Via

For more of Marlon, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram!

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