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    Lea Salonga Did The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge And It's The Most Heartfelt Thing Ever

    Yaaaaaas, Lea!

    Filipina actress, singer, and idol for all seasons Lea Salonga accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and, naturally, it's the most adorable and heartfelt thing ever.

    She was challenged by Urs Buhler of the pop-opera singing group Il Divo with whom she recently went on tour.

    In the video, she explains that her husband's uncle, Tommy Lee, passed away from ALS not too long ago.

    That's her husband, Robert Chien, standing above her, ready with a bucket of ice and water.

    "It's out of love for him that we're both doing this," she says. "Well, I'm gonna be the one drenched. [My husband] is the one doing the drenching."

    She challenges a bunch of people to do the same, including Filipino celebs Aga Muhlach and Sara Geronimo.

    Aga Muhlach in concert with Lea.

    ABS-CBN /

    Sarah Geronimo on The Voice of the Philippines.

    As well as Filipino-American stars and, of course, Darren Criss.

    Interscope /

    She gives them 24 hours to do the Ice Bucket Challenge and encourages them to donate money to either way.

    "Do both!"

    After reminding everyone that it's for an important cause, Lea asks her husband, "Are you ready?"

    And then she gets DRENCHED.

    Hindi yan tabo!

    Freezing, she stays in front of the camera and gives everyone a casual "bye!"


    Watch the whole video here!

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