35 John Krasinskis That'll Restore Your Faith In John Krasinski

    Personal fave might be John "Life Ruiner" Krasinski. Happy 35th birthday, JKras!

    1. John "Hair Looks Sexy Pushed Back" Krasinski

    2. John "10/10 Would Brave the Blizzard for You" Krasinski

    3. John "Doesn't Even Have to Effing Try" Krasinski

    4. John "Let's Go Thrifting in the Hudson Valley" Krasinski

    5. John "Red-Carpet Casual" Krasinski

    6. John "Moodily Monochrome" Krasinski

    7. John "Stupidly Hot When Beardy" Krasinski

    Ok, yup the rumors are true... I bought a beard. Let's have it. Yay? Or nay? (And no I'm not driving, I'm parked!)

    8. John "Creepily Sexy When Mustachey" Krasinski

    For all those non-beard lovers out there, how about this???

    9. John "Gonna Look Adorably Pensive" Krasinski

    10. John "Giggle Monster" Krasinski

    11. John "Fell Out of a J.Crew Catalog" Krasinski

    12. John "Giving Justin Timberlake a Run for His Money" Krasinski

    13. John "Aggressively Sporty" Krasinski

    14. John "Let Me Buy You Another PSL" Krasinski

    15. John "The Most Fan-Friendly" Krasinski

    16. John "Fresh-Faced #TBT" Krasinski

    17. John "Just Finished at The Office But Still in Character" Krasinski

    18. John "Ready to Meet Your Parents at Brunch" Krasinski

    19. John "You Come Here Often?" Krasinski

    20. John "Fulfilling All Your Childhood Fantasies" Krasinski

    21. John "Panicking Cutely" Krasinski

    22. John "Can Direct Me Anywhere, Any Time" Krasinski

    23. John "The Derpiest Toaster" Krasinski

    24. John "Creates Sexual Tension With Everyone" Krasinski

    25. John "Jazz Hands" Krasinski

    26. John "The Beardiest" Krasinski

    27. John "Cop-A-Feel" Krasinski

    28. John "Lt. Can Get It Whenever, Wherever" Krasinski

    29. John "The Shaggiest Shag" Krasinski

    30. John "Listens To You Intently In Bed" Krasinski

    31. John "The Happiest Hubby" Krasinski

    32. John "Says 'I Love You' Apropos of Nothing and of Everything" Krasinski

    33. John "And Can Say Everything With Just a Single Look" Krasinski

    34. John "Just Dapper As Fuh" Krasinski

    35. John "Life Ruiner" Krasinski

    Happy 35th birthday to John "So Handsome I Want to Punch You in the Face" Krasinski!