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    24 Inspiring Photos Of Pigeon Street-Style

    These faboosh fowl are anything but the rodents of the sky. In loving homage to this and this.

    1. Jeffree, 22

    Flickr: tripodgirl

    "I was never the most flamboyant one in my family," he says. "But once I entered FIT, I figured my personal aesthetic had to reflect my design taste."

    2. Cass, 31

    Flickr: haseebansar

    "I love the story behind used clothing," he says. The feather ruff cost him $10 at a consignment store. "It belonged to a pigeon who flew into a building and couldn't get out."

    3. Mark, 26

    "I had to fight with another pigeon at a sample sale to get this fantail," he says. "Luckily, I had it for a moment and used it to scare him off."

    4. Janice, 21

    Flickr: jrgcreations

    “A ruff of feathers, for me, is like a shield," she says. "It carries the identity of the wearer.”

    5. Joshua, 23

    "I like to mix highs and lows," he says. "Like my vaned feathers are Marc Jacobs, but my down feathers are from the Gap."

    6. Geraldyne, 29

    "I get a lot of stares," she says of her facial features. "I hate to admit it, but I kind of like the attention. You have to own your flaws."

    7. Sasha, 17

    Flickr: chicagobart

    Q: Who is your style icon?

    A: My mother. She left me and my sister when we were young, but she sort of left an imprint on me forever.

    8. Isabel, 45

    Flickr: benimoto

    "I was a ballerina back in the day," she says. "I carry that aesthetic with me throughout my life. Drama. Classicism."

    9. Torrence, 35

    "I found this plumage at a recycling center and I wanted to wear it to dinner tonight."

    10. Alejandra, 41

    "I'm bustier than most girls," she says, "so I like to accentuate that by bringing attention to my top half. My girlfriend seems to like it!"

    11. Mia, 22

    Q: How would you describe your style?

    A: Audrey Hepburn by way of color blocking.

    12. Alexa, 21

    "These shoes have no arch support whatsoever, but goddamn are they fabulous."

    13. Thom, 39

    Flickr: haseebansar

    Q: What's your one golden rule of style?

    A: Invest in a white coat. The streets will get it dirty easily but it always looks rich when it's clean even if it's cheap.

    14. Johanna, 26

    Of her headdress, she says, "I don't need vision. Because I feel good, I know I look good."

    15. John and Jen, 19

    These two aren't twins. "We're not even related," John says. And Jen adds, "He's my boyfriend. We just like to do everything together, like real lovebirds."

    16. Marlo, 32

    “I chose this outfit because I wanted to show up," he says. "Happiness is stylish. My style tip: wear a hat.”

    17. Domenik, 36

    Flickr: jrgcreations

    "I saw these glasses at a vintage shop in Brooklyn," he says. "Then I saw the exact same pair in Chinatown for much less. I think it pays to shop around rather than limit yourself. Explore."

    18. Jhonathan, 62

    "Fashion can draw attention to yourself," he says, "but fashion can also hide you. Hide you from the mundane, the blasé."

    19. Chloé, 32

    "People think I'm biracial because of my long features," she says. "It's an interesting identity to navigate. I wouldn't change a thing about me."

    20. Hillarie, 22

    Flickr: atony

    "I like to leave a part of myself everywhere I go," she says. "Even if it's feathers or droppings, I want to leave a mark on this earth."

    21. Ava, 20

    She self-identifies as a "bohemian fairy swallow."

    22. Keith, 17


    “I feel like the world is my prom and I need to dress up.”

    23. Sofi, 29


    "I inherited this coat from my father when I was eight when he passed away," she says. "I grew into it."

    24. Estelle, 34

    Flickr: albertvuvukonde

    "Fashion can be anything. Fashion is — at its most base — found art."

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