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    Here’s How To Be Sexy Pizza Rat For Halloween For Less Than $89


    Because nothing is sacred in this world, there is now officially a Sexy Pizza Rat costume for sale.

    It's $89 and ships in 1–2 weeks!

    After all, Halloween means that all bets are off.

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    That's just, like, the rules of feminism!

    Although, you really only need three items to DIY this look:

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    Paramount Pictures
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    Sexy rat ears, sexy sex outfit, and sexy pizza!


    Because you’re a rat! Duh.

    Paramount Pictures / Matt Ortile / BuzzFeed

    And you can be sure the pizza's fresh on October 31st!

    Should you lose your slice on All Hallow's Eve, Pizza Rat will be out there, ready for your drunken generosity.

    Happy Halloween, brilliant humans.

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