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    26 Signs You're The Jack McFarland Of Your Friend Group


    1. You're fantastic at giving hugs.

    2. And you love taking BuzzFeed quizzes.

    3. You're crazy for anything Disney.

    4. And musical theatre.

    5. You're a high-performing go-getter in life.

    6. And in the workplace.

    7. You speak multiple languages.

    8. Which makes you a pro at foreign affairs.

    9. You're a natural when it comes to accessorizing.

    10. Because you're the one with the smartest fashion sense.

    11. And you have the best selfie game out of all your friends.

    12. Like, really good.

    13. After all, you've always been the tech-savvy one of the group.

    14. You make everyone else in Da Club look bad with your classical dance training.

    15. You don't take anything lying down.

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    16. Well, maybe some things.

    17. You've used your sexual wiles to bargain for the important things.

    18. But you can sometimes be the bashful and modest one.

    19. You stay true to your roots, no matter what.

    20. Since common sense is your middle name.

    21. So your friends always turn to you in their darkest hours.

    22. You're the mental and emotional mirror they can always count on.

    23. And you can lift their spirits at the drop of a hat.

    24. Because you know your friends like no one else does.

    25. And when all is said and done, you give credit where credit is due.

    26. Because that's just who you are.