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27 Grindr Users Who Failed So Hard They Almost Won

Moms, hurricanes and medical emergencies don't get in the way of these winners. (NSFW language ahead.)

1. This generous and polite gentleman.

2. This considerate pal.

3. This guy who got mom-blocked.

4. This ears-nose-and-throat man.

5. Celine Dion.

6. This autocorrect victim.

7. The punctuation police.

8. This eloquent wordsmith.

9. This geographer.

10. This anatomy professor.

11. This perfumer.

12. This out-and-proud contrarian.

13. This white dude.

14. This Pokémon trainer.

15. This other Pokémon trainer.

16. This guy who wanted to offer some relief.

17. This Avril Lavigne enthusiast.

18. This dude who misses his therapist.

19. This clever nutritionist.

20. This conversational night owl.

21. This intrepid scholar.

22. This benefactor who must have a huge endowment.

23. This honest Abe.

24. This honestly confused Abe.

25. This man who understands "one man's trash..."

26. This couple who might as well get married.

27. And then these guys who just won all around.