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41 Photos That Prove Godfrey Gao Is Actually Godly

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4. Perhaps best known as Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments franchise.

8. It's easy to say he's the perfect human specimen of suave.

11. But that would be incorrect.

12. Because Godfrey is actually GODLY.

13. Look at him flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

14. Watch as he turns this lowly beast into a golden beacon of hope.

15. Note how he materializes precious gems out of thin air.

16. And how he can shape-shift into a bobble-head form at will.

17. He is a deity shrouded in mystery.

18. A divine creature who takes delight in earthly pleasures.

22. He spends most of his time with other ~hot rides~ like himself.

23. But Godfrey takes the time to walk amongst the common man.

24. Unfortunately for them, his godly light outshines them every time.

25. Even NBA star Yao Ming doesn't stand a chance.

26. Godfrey can kick ass on the basketball court.

27. On the covers of magazines.

29. And in the backs of cars.

30. But it's not all just fun and games being this godly.

31. As a most benevolent being, he must pay it forward.

32. By feeding adorable tiny humans.

34. Godfrey also tends to tiny animals.

35. And quells their violence with just a look.

36. Witness this baby cat creature cower at Godfrey's might.

37. He reigns over all that is fierce.

40. This has been the gospel of Godfrey.

41. Have a good day and God(frey) bless.

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