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Tell Us About Your Favorite Books By Filipino-American Authors!

The library is open for Filipino American History Month!

Hi everybody! First of all, it's Filipino American History Month! HOT DAMN.*

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(*Get it? "Hot damn" bc Bruno Mars sings that and he's Fil-Am? Great, wanted to make sure.)

To celebrate, we'd love it if you told us at BuzzFeed Philippines about your favorite books by Filipino-American authors!

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Do you love, for example, the gorgeous and propulsive prose of Mia Alvar's short story collection In The Country?

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Or maybe you enjoyed Kevin Nadal's coverage of the history, cultural values and mental health needs of Fil-Ams in Filipino American Psychology?

Courtesy of Kevin Nadal

Or perhaps Aimee Nezhukumatathil's transnational poetics in her poetry collection Lucky Fish takes your breath away every time you read it?

Tupelo Press, Martin Bentsen / Via

Whatever your favorite books by Filipino-Americans may be, BuzzFeed Philippines wants to hear about it! Leave a comment telling us what the book is, what it's about, and why you love it for a chance to be included in a BuzzFeed post!