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26 Fabulous Examples Of Filipino Street-Style

You better werk, Pilipinas.

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4. Hezron Peralta

With a light color like that and large armholes, Hezron's architectural outfit is a cool (literally!) way to layer in hot and humid Philippines. Check out his Lookbook here.


15. Aivan Magno

Avian's headdress and sweater are made by Igorot people native to the province of Baguio. It's high up in the mountains where it's sweater weather 24/7. See more of his looks here.


21. Yen Salamoding

"It's always fun to attend parties full of fashion enthusiasts," Yen said. "There's the irony of everyone making an effort to be fashionable but then again no one really cares how flamboyant or out of this world your look might be because everyone there understands fashion."

24. Anna Dominique Lumague

"This was taken last December 24," said Anna. "When I saw the output, it seemed like my outfit was more summer-y than Christmas-y." Welcome to the Philippines, y'all, where winter is never coming! See her Lookbook here.

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