26 Fabulous Examples Of Filipino Street-Style

You better werk, Pilipinas.

1. Kryz Uy

Kryz is a Filipina fashion blogger based in Manila and Cebu. That galaxy dress is out of this world, pun intended. You can follow her work on her website.

2. Raj Bay

Raj calls himself a fashion enthusiast who “enjoys the heat of the metro and mood of cafes.” Reppin’ some local brands in the blazer and shorts.

3. Stephanie Dy

Stephanie’s got some glam punk-meets-Angelina Jolie leg meme thing going on in this ensemble and it kicks ass. Check out her Lookbook here.

4. Hezron Peralta

With a light color like that and large armholes, Hezron’s architectural outfit is a cool (literally!) way to layer in hot and humid Philippines. Check out his Lookbook here.

5. Shelly Espinelli

Shelly’s giving ’50s realness in the park at Fort Bonifacio High Street. Follow her on Instagram.

6. Mike Miguel

Mike is a student at Far Eastern University who probably majors in Mad Swag. Check out his Lookbook for more outfits.

7. Kryz Uy

Just had to have Kryz again because this feminine take on the barong Tagalog is FAB with a capital F, A, and B.

8. Janvie Tiu

Janvie’s outfit is hypnotizing for all the right reasons. Check out his blog for more looks.

9. Kristine G.

Who needs leggings when you’ve got knee-highs? Not Kristine! Salute back at you, girl. Follow her on Lookbook for more outfits.

10. Carlo Arizabal

Carlo’s jorts and Bart Simpson tee make his Crocs (yes, those are Crocs) look pretty damn cool. See more looks at his blog.

11. Jo Beth Javier

Jo Beth is a freelance photographer that runs her own online boutique, Van Vogue Manila. See more of her style on her Lookbook.

12. Kutik T.

Ugh, this outfit is beyond. “Never thought these Jodphur pants would be so comfortable,” Kutik says. “I paired it with my dad’s tee and some white blazer while I was out for coffee.”

13. Borgh Carino

The ombré on that bias-cut dress is ombré done right. Follow Borgh’s Instagram here.

14. Eden

The motorcycle jacket plus flower-parrot print combo says, “I can kick your ass but also let’s go birdwatching.” Follow Eden’s website here.

15. Aivan Magno

Avian’s headdress and sweater are made by Igorot people native to the province of Baguio. It’s high up in the mountains where it’s sweater weather 24/7. See more of his looks here.

16. L.A. Ferriols

These sleeves made a successful career change and became a fabulous cape. L.A. is a Filipina stylist from Manila and now based in New York.

17. Abraham Guardian

“Vintage head to toe once again,” said Abraham, a 17-year-old fashion student from Manila. “This is also my very first floral blazer I’ve ever owned.”

18. Tricia Gosingtian

Tricia’s sporting the country’s colors, so bonus points for a nationalistic outfit. See more ensembles in her Lookbook.

19. Allen M.

Allen looks awesome, but the real team player in this outfit are those shoes. Bravo, classy sandals. Bravo. Check out his Lookbook here.

20. Liz Dumdum

Of this boho-chic dress, Liz says on her website, “Even if I’m on the minimalist side of things when it comes to personal style, it’s nice going back to my good ole’ bohemian days.”

21. Yen Salamoding

“It’s always fun to attend parties full of fashion enthusiasts,” Yen said. “There’s the irony of everyone making an effort to be fashionable but then again no one really cares how flamboyant or out of this world your look might be because everyone there understands fashion.”

22. Salvee Retuya

Salvee is a wife, mother, nurse, and certified fashionista. Just look at that floral jacket! See, y’all? It really pays off to go thrifting. Visit her style blog here.

23. David Guison

Loving those chic leather sleeves on David. This is like, the varsity fashion team’s uniform. See more dapper outfits on his Lookbook.

24. Anna Dominique Lumague

“This was taken last December 24,” said Anna. “When I saw the output, it seemed like my outfit was more summer-y than Christmas-y.” Welcome to the Philippines, y’all, where winter is never coming! See her Lookbook here.

25. Andre Judd

Andrew knows that it’s never overkill when it comes to superheroes. See more of his brave fashion choices on his Lookbook.

26. Yelle Dela Cruz

In her floral maxi dress and handmade accessories, Yelle is giving us traditional Filipiniana realness. See more in her Lookbook.

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