Manish Dayal Is The Summer Crush You Never Knew You Wanted

More like, “Manish DAYUMMMMM.”

1. Behold, mortals: this is possible demigod Manish Dayal, film and television actor and all-around heartthrob.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty Images

2. You can catch* him in this summer’s foodie mom-com The Hundred-Foot Journey, co-starring Helen Mirren.

Jamie McCarthy / Via Getty Images

*And by catch, I mean “watch him cook Michelin-starred food making you drool for multiple reasons.”

3. Look at how his smolder steamed and grilled that fish to perfection.

Harpo Films / Via

4. You also may have seen Manish as a project leader in the short-lived NBC office comedy Outsourced.

NBC / Via

5. Or as a code-breaking computer analyst on the AMC show Rubicon.

AMC / Via

6. Or on the 90210 revival on the CW, where he plays a college student recovering from cancer.*

The CW / Via

*Don’t get invested. It doesn’t end well and I’m still not over it.

7. But in real-life, Manish is doing really well, with plenty of press outlets calling him the next big thing.

8. Even Vanity Fair thinks so. And yo, Vanity Fair is not wrong.

9. Because look at that face.

10. It’s a really stupidly good face.


11. STAHP.

Kevin Winter / Via Getty Images

12. It’s a face and body and personality that’s even better drenched in ice-cold water.

13. Even Oprah can’t take it.


14. Outside of acting, Manish also fancies himself a photographer.

15. And, ahem, an athlete. Athletic. Arms.

17. Ttyl, Manish. Follow your bliss.

The CW / Via

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