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Manish Dayal Is The Summer Crush You Never Knew You Wanted

More like, "Manish DAYUMMMMM."

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You can catch* him in this summer's foodie mom-com The Hundred-Foot Journey, co-starring Helen Mirren.

Jamie McCarthy / Via Getty Images

*And by catch, I mean "watch him cook Michelin-starred food making you drool for multiple reasons."


But in real-life, Manish is doing really well, with plenty of press outlets calling him the next big thing.

Even Vanity Fair thinks so. And yo, Vanity Fair is not wrong.

It's a face and body and personality that's even better drenched in ice-cold water.

Even Oprah can't take it.


Outside of acting, Manish also fancies himself a photographer.

And, ahem, an athlete. Athletic. Arms.