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43 Times Daniel Henney Ruined You For Other Men

Model, actor, LIFE-RUINER.

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1. When he was like "Hi, I'm Daniel Henney" while wearing a beautiful tux and a beautiful face.

2. And when he didn't stop because he was like, "lol I'm a model, so."

3. When he smoldered and stared into your soul and saw that it was good.

4. Then when he continued to smolder and stared into the distance and saw that that was good.

5. When he fake-smoked for a shoot and you didn't care about fake-carcinogens.

6. And then when he was all, "I'm also a gorgeous statuesque actor."

7. That time he looked irreplaceably handsome in an episode of Revolution.

8. When he coordinated outfits with Eliza Coupe from Happy Endings.

9. And had a stronger suit game than Chris Hemsworth.

10. When he sported this luscious tatt sleeve on one arm and the equally luscious Daniel Dae Kim on the other.

11. That time Esquire Korea called him the "next big thing," and you were like, "He is the ONLY THING."

12. When he simply stood around and looked like an actual angel.

13. An actual angel lovingly carved out of exquisite alabaster marble.

14. That time he was applauding and looking like your groom on your wedding day.

15. When he took an appropriately-clothed gym selfie.

16. And the time his shirt betrayed us by imprisoning his arms while he looked effortlessly stunning.

17. And again when the shirt insisted but his sculpted sinewy arms said, "NEVER."

18. Then when he was in the mountains, glistening and shirtless, and asked, "who wants to join?"

19. Every time he went home for the holidays to see his fantastic family.

20. And all the times he took a photo with his adorable mother.

21. And that time he did a pitch perfect #tbt with her.

22. Then when he threw it back to his teenage years and you were like, "Yeah, would have climbed it like the sexiest tree."

23. And when he showed that some things and some basketball shorts never change.

24. When he posed adorably with his adorable dog who is adorably named Mango.

25. And the time when he bestowed his lips upon Mango and she was forever grateful.

26. When he sniffed his espresso and took in worlds of endless delight.

27. When he looked like a much hipper version of your postmodern lit professor.

28. When he was the most dashing in his classic black suits.

29. And all the times he was even more suave in just a white shirt and tie.

30. When he was sexily getting undressed before coming to bed.

31. Then when he took a selfie and captioned it "goodnight."

32. When he was napping on set in a cocoon of cuteness and also down feathers.

33. When he sported fluffy, ruffle-able, David Tennant-esque hair.

34. When his hair looked good pushed back.

35. And when his hair looked good pushed down.

36. When there was some blessed thumb-lip-biting action.

37. That time he geeked out in front of a Darth Vader suit.

38. And that other time he was the biggest goofball ever.

39. And all the other times he just ~*existed*~

43. Stay flawless, D. Never change.

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