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    Claudine Barretto Instagrammed An Old Love Letter From Rico Yan And Your Heart Will Instantly Break

    "But nevertheless, I still love you very much! MWAH!!"

    If you were a Filipino who had a TV in the 90's, then you definitely knew that Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan were the BEST LOVE TEAM OF ALL TIME.


    When you looked at them, merong forever pala.

    But while Rico was on vacation in Palawan in 2002, he died suddenly in his sleep due to hemorrhagic pancreatitis.


    And the only love team that mattered in the 90's shattered all our hopes and dreams for true love.

    But then Claudine posted this Instagram of a note Rico once left her and your faith in ~*forever*~ was restored.

    To my hunny,By the time you read this, I must be in CDO already.Just want to thank you for last night. You were wonderful!!! And because of that, I'm sure I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping without you by my side tonight. :(But nevertheless, I still love you very much! MWAH!!Rico

    And literally every Filipino 90's kid has been like:

    Star Cinema
    Star Cinema
    Star Cinema

    And really just:

    Star Cinema / Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    Love you, Clau. Love you, Rico. <3



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