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    32 Blessed Contributions Kelly Rowland Made To GIF Culture

    Kelly literally has a face for every occasion. Let's celebrate that fabulous mug.

    1. Whenever IHOP is serving free pancakes and it's carbohydrate heaven.

    2. When the perfect pair of shoes are on sale (and there's an additional discount taken at the register).

    3. When that annoying co-worker just WON'T. STOP. TALKING.

    4. When it rains on a Saturday night and everyone's wearing that little black dress.

    5. When this one girl kept talking about how her boyfriend ate her Greek yogurt without asking first.

    6. Any time two friends who were exes get back together (and inevitably break up again).

    7. Whenever someone says, "Does anybody want the rest of my curly fries?"

    8. That time a passive-aggressive note became necessary to address roommates who never do their dishes.

    9. Whenever someone in the bathroom leaves without washing their hands.

    10. When someone suggests a Taco Bell run at like 3am after a night of drinking.

    11. When the last bag of Cool Ranch Doritos gets stuck in the vending machine.

    12. When a friend becomes "engaged" on Facebook and it's not a joke.

    13. When a guy texts "what u up 2?" past midnight in a barely veiled attempt to get laid.

    14. That time someone on Facebook listened to "Blurred Lines" for four hours straight on Spotify.

    15. When H&M finally went live with online shopping in the U.S.

    16. And when they had A HOME SECTION?!

    17. Every time Orange Is The New Black is on point, which is basically all the time.

    18. When BBC announced who the 12th Doctor was and it was just another old white dude.

    19. When Raven-Symoné came out publicly and gracefully.

    20. That one time Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop" music video happened.

    21. When Beyoncé revealed her new haircut on Instagram.

    22. When Kate and Wills went and named the royal baby "George."

    23. When Johnny Depp was cast as a Native American character in The Lone Ranger.

    24. That one time there was a dead shark on the New York subway.

    25. Any time anything ever happens on Fox News.

    26. That one time Riley Cooper dropped racial slurs at a Kenny Chesney concert.

    27. When the Washington Post was sold to Amazon's CEO for $250 million.

    28. When President Obama said he had “no patience” for anti-LGBT laws at the Sochi Olympics.

    29. When Anthony Weiner insisted on running for New York City mayor.

    30. When Michelle Williams was catapulted onto the stage at Beyoncé's Halftime Show.

    31. But then there was that time Kelly Rowland hit her mark on that stage at the Super Bowl.

    32. And any time it's really just like, "Who, me? Why yes, I'm fabulous."