29 Admirable Traits You Inherit When You’re A Dunphy

Members of the House of Dunphy make lemon out of lemonades because life would be all like, “WHAT?!”

1. You know a good bargain when you see it.

2. And you make the best out of every situation.

3. You take pride in the little victories of everyday life.

4. You’re a smart and tactful negotiator.

5. You have an intimate knowledge of your family members.

6. You have a solid grasp on Internet etiquette.

7. You’re multi-lingual.


8. You’re even fluent in Harry Potter.

9. And you understand the nuances of 21st-century English.

10. Your wit matches that of Shakespeare’s.

11. Like, you’re a total wordsmith.

12. You’re even eloquent when you stand up against your enemies.

13. And you’re quick on your feet with a comeback.

14. But you still have a healthy way of releasing pent-up stress and anger.


15. You’ve been fiercely independent since you were young.

16. You’re big on social justice.

17. You have a complete understanding of racial and color politics.


18. And you have the courage to speak up for those who don’t have a voice.

19. You know how to make a career out of your talents and your passions.

20. Your unbridled ambition will get you far in life.

21. When you start something, you’re going to see it through to the end.

22. You know how to live life on the edge.


23. And you see no need to beat around the bush.


24. You possess an innovative mind.


25. Some people ask, “Why?” But you ask, “Why not?”


26. Which means you have a lot of life lessons up your sleeve.


27. Literally filled to the brim with nuggets of wisdom.


28. For example: no matter the situation, you’re always on Team Dunphy.

29. Because you’re shamelessly awesome and you don’t care who knows it.

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