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    27 Animals Who Are Ready For Gay Pride Weekend

    Get hyped for #Pride2013. It's been an especially fab week and these critters know it.

    1. This duck says it's almost Pride weekend, y'all!

    2. This pony knows it's gonna be awesome.

    3. These ducks can barely contain themselves.

    4. This llama's been getting glam for it all week.

    5. This turtle's been keeping fresh and practicing her twerk routine AT THE SAME TIME.

    6. These cats have upped their gym game to six days a week at David Barton.

    The one in the back isn't half-assing; she's just more of a weights kind of girl.

    7. This walrus is gonna be on a Pride float so he's been working on his six-pack.

    8. Change happens from within too, so this cat went gluten free last week.


    9. But this bunny gives no shit about calories.

    "I've been holed up in the GQ fashion closet all week. I DESERVE THIS."

    10. As for Pride outfits, this wombat heard there was a sale and he was ON IT.

    11. At American Apparel, these guys had a catfight over the last LGBT tank top.

    12. But of course, these penguins ended up wearing the same thing.

    "No, YOU go home and change, Thomas."

    13. Others have opted for some detox prep, like this rabbit.

    14. So did this dog. Actually, she's a little too excited.

    15. Yeah, some animals can't contain all that pride.

    16. Especially after Wednesday's big announcements!


    17. This dog started the party at home.

    "I'm giving it my all but I'm not the girl you're taking home! OOOOHHHH! I keep dancing on my own!"

    18. This red panda is still drunk from last night.

    "DING DONG, DOMA IS — *thud*"

    19. And these cats couldn't be tamed.

    "I just remember walking into the Stonewall Inn and waking up in Chinatown. I guess it was a good night?"

    20. These rabbits have been celebrating more intimately.

    "And then, I'm gonna take you into the kitchen... and make you a soufflé." "OH GOD YES."

    21. And these otters don't plan on getting out of bed anytime soon.

    22. But this cat has been saving her energy for the weekend.

    23. And this corgi cannot wait to GO HARD.

    24. Although no one is more ready for Gay Pride than this GAY PRIDE.*

    *See what I did there?

    25. No matter how you do it, let's all show some #Pride2013!

    26. So get ready to let loose this weekend.

    27. It'll be gay-mazing.

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