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24 Ways Musical Theater Made You A Better Person

But actually. Growing up as a drama kid gets you ready for anything.

1. You know how to make a grand entrance.

2. Even when it means being five minutes early.

3. Or even five hours early.

4. Either way, you know how to command the room.

5. You can absorb information quickly.

6. And you can change your outfit at the drop of a hat.

7. You understand proper makeup application.

8. And proper makeup removal.

9. You know how to warm up your body.

10. And your voice.

11. So you can talk, mix, and belt your face off.

12. And when you did tech, you learned several uses for gaff tape.

13. And the importance of good lighting.

14. In fact, you've acquired a vast array of special skills.

15. Like roller-skating.

16. And harmonizing on cue.

17. And the art of smizing.

18. Every talent you add to your arsenal will get you far.

19. When you get there, you always say thank you.

20. And you understand how to live in the moment.

21. You also know how to take it when you hear no.

22. And you've learned how to process your emotions.

23. And you're not afraid to get back in the game.

So it doesn't matter if you did theater in high school...

Or if you're still performing today.

24. Because if you can take anything the theater world throws at you...

You can take on the world!