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    Are You An Actor Trying To Make It Abroad? Here Are 5 Things You'll Go Through!

    I sat down with Maria Renée Lavalle, a Mexican actor currently living in New York City. She's starred in Broadway adaptations back in Mexico, her home country. She's also appeared in an Emmy nominated show and she's currently acting Off-Broadway, plus more. After this intro, we can say she's the best person to share 5 things actors trying to make it abroad go through. Here, she explains it all:

    1- Connecting To Words

    2- Your Accent

    3- Getting Gigs

    .. this works, one of the shows I appeared on got nominated for an Emmy.

    1. As an actor, have you ever paid to apply for auditions?

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    As an actor, have you ever paid to apply for auditions?
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      I didn't know I could do that!

    4- FREE Gigs

    5- Headshot and Resume

    .. I had to redo mine.

    Now, get out there and get those auditions!