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    BLADE RUNNER 2, a Fan Film Off- World News: BLADE RUNNER 2 starts 10 years after Deckard and Racheal escape LA. Racheal has shut down, Deckard is arrested. Tyrell Corp NYC needs his help to stop a revolution, or is being used. This is running on FAN power - help support! This is a scene I added recently that takes the story in a new direction explaining why NYPD BLADE RUNNERS do not retire replicants on the street or in public, they refuse. Tyrell Corp has taken Nexus 8 to a new level - the next trailer will point to this. They are making child models for parents who can not consieve or who have lost a child, and most other new models are impossible to detect, thus strict replicant use off world is becoming a thing of the past. Tyrell has a plan, but things quickly get out of hand, that is why Deckard is called to NYC to help Tyrell and the NYPD. A revolution may be springing up, stay tuned! This version has changes suggested by the BLADE RUNNER FAN BASE. This is running on FAN power - help support!

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