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2013 Oscar Nominees Share Some Inspiration

Nominees from the 85th Academy Awards offer advice to aspiring actors & filmmakers working their way up in the business. Here's a summary of how to get ahead.

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Hitch a Ride


Like a remora on a shark, take hold and just go along for the ride.

Andy Nelson, who is nominated for an award in Sound Mixing for Les Misérables says:

The Inverse Allen Iverson Approach


We talking 'bout practice!

Peter Lord, executive producer & director of The Pirates! Band of Misfits nominated for Animated Feature, says:

& Academy Award Winner, Tommy Lee Jones says...


Jones is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Lincoln

At least Jones took the time to fill out the Academy's questionnaire, the majority of other nominees didn't. Those who did only offered the typical advice to show passion and work hard.

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