Twitter Finally Adds A Woman To Its Board Of Directors

The company has appointed Marjorie Scardino, the former CEO of Pearson, to its formerly all-male board of directors. Scardino has a strong media background, something Twitter was expected to look for in a board candidate.

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We’re pleased to welcome @marjscar to our board of directors.

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Twitter has appointed Marjorie Scardino, the former CEO of publishing company Pearson — and the first female CEO of a FTSE 100 company — to its board of directors.

Twitter was expected to eventually appoint a woman to its board of directors after much public hand-wringing over the homogenous makeup of its all-male board. Twitter has had to work with media companies to integrate Twitter as a broadcast tool — for example embedding tweets in stories on the web — in order to grow its reach. So, hiring a board member with a strong media background, like Scardino’s, was expected.



Most important note on new Twitter board member is her big media background…

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Pearson’s current portfolio includes the Financial Times newspaper and a large stake in Penguin Books, one of the largest publishing companies in the world. Though she worked in the U.K., Scardino is actually American-born (and also a former rodeo rider, according to a report in The Telegraph last year.)

Prior to running Pearson, she served as CEO of The Economist Group, and also served on the board of directors of Nokia until earlier this year. She isn’t a very active Twitter user — her first tweet came after the announcement of her appointment today.

@twitter Thank you. There couldn't be a more exciting time in Twitter's history to join!

— Marjorie M Scardino (@marjscar)

Marjorie M Scardino


@twitter Thank you. There couldn’t be a more exciting time in Twitter’s history to join!

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