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Turning Around A Tech Company Is Hard, Just Ask These 7 CEOs

Smartphone maker BlackBerry has lost about $3 billion in market value during Thorsten Heins' less than two years as CEO. Has anyone fared worse in attempting a turnaround?

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So, how has Heins fared relative to other tech CEOs attempting a corporate turnaround?

(Just ignore that little dip in the middle, looks like a blip in the data.)

While his first 18 months didn't go so well, by Donahue's second year eBay's turnaround was in full swing. Today, the company is worth significantly more than when he took over.

...and take a look at where it is now. It's one of the highest-priced stocks on the market, with a cap of more than $40 billion. No surprise then that Boyd is still Priceline's CEO.

Matthew Lynley is a business reporter for BuzzFeed News in San Francisco. Lynley reports on Silicon Valley and the tech industry.

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