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    Props & Hops: NFL Week 1 Bets

    NFL bets and actionable takeaways distilled from hours of listening to the most influential football gambling podcasts.

    If you like betting and beer, you've come to the right place! My name is Matt and I spend a lot of time listening to my favorite sports betting podcasts. My new podcast, Props & Hops, is an attempt to filter out the noise in pursuit of the best in betting and beer. Basically, that means taking hours' worth of listening to trusted sources and distilling it down to the most actionable takeaways.

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    On this week's episode, I break down the NFL Week 1 board. Listen in for 6 bets and a triple IPA fitting for these turbulent times.

    Matt Landes / Via Instagram: @PropsAndHops

    NFL Week 1 show beer: aptly named for 2020.

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    Now let's enjoy Week 1 of the NFL season! I'll be back to break down the Week 2 board next Friday - until then let's bet well, let's drink well, and let's be well.