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    NFL Week 5 Betting And Beer

    Weekly wagers distilled from the best football gambling podcasts

    Week 5 in the NFL is upon us and I've isolated 6 bets (listed below) distilled from almost 9 hours’ worth of listening to the most prominent football handicappers across the best NFL gambling podcasts.

    Check out this week's episode of my betting and beer podcast Props & Hops for the logic behind each wager, courtesy of some of the most trusted sources in football betting:

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    And now, the Week 5 portfolio:

    2-team, 6-point teaser: Cleveland +7.5, New Orleans -2

    2-team, 6-point teaser: Carolina +7.5, Rams -1.5

    6-team, 6-point teaser: Cleveland +7.5, New Orleans -2, Carolina +7.5, Rams -1.5, Dallas -2, Arizona -1.5 (contingency options: Pittsburgh -1, Seattle -1)

    Minnesota/Seattle shortest TD Under 1.5 yards

    Jacksonville to score first at Houston

    Tentative Week 6 Lookahead: Buffalo +3.5 vs. Kansas City

    And few things pair better with betting than beer, so this week on Props & Hops a Sonic Boom of an IPA gets the spotlight:

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    Now let's enjoy Week 5 of the NFL season! I'll be back next Friday to break down Week 6 - until then let's bet well, let's drink well, and let's be well.