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    What Kind Of Steve Jobs Are You?

    If you are a CEO of a company that fashions themselves innovative in any way, you probably look up to Steve Jobs! But - Steve was a complicated guy and lots of people saw different versions of him. Which version are you and what does it say about your leadership? Created by Matt Johnston, CEO of Guide Social, learn more and take our FREE Billion View Secrets mini-course here

    You have an idea for a new product, so you ...
    In anonymous surveys your employees probably say this about you ...
    Profits down this quarter, morale getting dicey, so you ...
    When someone questions you, you ...
    My favorite person who has played me is ...
    • Noah Wylie
      Turner Home Entertainment
    • Michael Fassbender
      Wikimedia Commons
    • Ashton Kutcher
      Wikimedia Commons
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    About Matt Johnston (Quiz Creator)

    Matt is known as a pioneer in social video. Running video teams at NowThis, NY Magazine, & Business Insider before creating his own company, Guide Social - Matt is responsible for 10 billion+ video views during his career. He is also the author of Producing Empathy. Go here to sign up for Matt's FREE Billion View Secrets mini-course:

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