The 10 Most Adorable Photos Of Jason Bateman

Production has begun on the new episodes of Arrested Development! Let us rejoice by dancing hand in hand around the maypole… and by checking out the 10 most cheek-squeezing pictures of Jason Bateman.

Look at this multi-colored turtleneck wearing rascal!

Here’s the most put together Bluth during his prairie days.

When Jason’s grandma gives him a sweater he wears it with pride… that’s just the kinda guy he is.

Just hanging with a young Nellie Bluth.

Fozzie, you’re talking to one of the stars of “Silver Spoons” AND “The Hogan Family”, he doesn’t have time for your shit.

Bateman, the cool, nice jock… the type that gets all the babes but is still nice to the bookish, mousy girls.

Oh stop it, Jason! You wouldn’t hurt a fly!

You gotta follow up the jock pics with a solid dweeb shot, you just gotta.

This picture is proof that it wasn’t Jason Bateman’s fault that Teen Wolf 2 sucked. He’s one good looking freak beast.

He really did grow up to be a classy, poised gentleman, didn’t he?

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