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    Posted on Aug 14, 2014

    Watch The Entire World Solve A Rubik's Cube One Move At A Time

    Can't solve the Rubik's cube yourself? Ask your fellow global citizens for help!

    YouTube user, nyassin14, set out to accomplish an incredible feat while backpacking around the world...

    nyassin14 / Via

    His mission? To solve a Rubik's Cube throughout his journey using a method that had never been used before.

    He asked complete strangers from the various countries he passed through to help him complete this task.

    nyassin14 / Via

    He said, "I had one person do one move only in different locations I had traveled to."

    nyassin14 / Via

    His trip consisted of 11 countries, which included England, Switzerland, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and more.

    nyassin14 / Via

    It only took 84 moves to complete the puzzle.

    nyassin14 / Via

    Voila! The finished product.

    nyassin14 / Via

    Experience the Cube's full adventure below:

    View this video on YouTube

    nyassin14 / Via
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